Environmental Science

“This pathway directs you in the field that you want to go. They offer plenty of internships if you want to pursue a career in environmental science.”

Haley Lescarbeau, Grade 12

Our students are the next generation on their way to preserving and rehabilitating our natural world. Burrillville High School’s Environmental Science CTE program is made for students who will become leaders in pollution prevention, agricultural education, and scientists of all kinds making discoveries about how our ecosystem operates and how to make changes accordingly. Our innovative students pair ecology with technology, science with new ideas, and critical thinking with creative approaches to their learning.

BHS students are at the forefront of a change in how humans consume and develop energy. Through this pathway, our students learn how to develop alternative energy sources, the ins and outs of agriculture, how to work with hazardous materials properly, and how to better control pollution.
BHS CTE Environmental Science Factsheet

Program Timeline

In addition to the suggested course timeline below, students must meet BHS’ graduation requirements.

Grade 9

Career Skills

1 credit

Grade 10

Environmental Science I

1 credit

Grade 11

Environmental Science II

1 credit

Grade 12

AP Environmental Science

1 credit

What You'll Learn

  • In Environmental Science I, you’ll be introduced to ecological concepts such as energy flows and organism interactions, and major environmental problems that affect our world.

  • In Environmental Science II, you’ll learn more about the impact of human activities on the environment and how new technologies such as renewable energy and conservation can help.

  • In AP Environmental Science, you’ll build upon previous instruction to explore and apply concepts of alternative and sustainable energies, and the challenges involved.