Construction Management

"When I first arrived here, I knew nothing about any of the tools here, and through my three years of learning, I know how to operate these machines like the back of my hand. I can fix them and I know how to use them safely."

Joseph Baffoni, Grade 12

At Burrillville High School, “building from the ground up” is a term students interpret literally in the Construction Management pathway. Here, students learn about the many facets of construction projects, from start to finish. They learn what it takes to administer building projects, how to work with various colleagues on assignments that have several moving parts, and about the work – and reward – of developing their communities, whether through creating marking signs for trails, chicken coops, play yards, sheds, or small buildings for the “Tree House” project for children in south Providence.

Working with industry partners, students help build sets and structures for the annual Rhode Island Builders Show, and play a critical role in the event. Our students are learning while giving back to various organizations and residents in town through their craft.
BHS CTE Construction Management Factsheet

Program Timeline

In addition to the suggested course timeline below, students must meet BHS’ graduation requirements:

Grade 9

Career Skills

1 credit

Grade 10

Construction I

1 credit

+ OSHA10 certification

Grade 11

Construction II

1 credit

Grade 12

Construction III

1 credit

What You'll Learn

  • In Construction I, you’ll learn basic woodworking and machine skills and begin designing with SolidWorks CAD software. You’ll also earn your OSHA10 safety certification.

  • In Construction II, you’ll apply construction theory to trade areas of framing, electrical, plumbing, finish carpentry, and roofing, along with further designing and planning.

  • In Construction III, you’ll learn aspects of project management, materials and methods, mathematics, communications, safety, human resources, and customer service.