"I think this program does a good job [of providing opportunities for] working in school with kids so you get the experience working one-on-one with them. I think all the material we have is very good and very useful.”

Brigid Mayer, Grade 12

In our Education CTE, the student becomes the teacher — learning education theory and practice, then applying it in the field. Our program starts out by studying brain development from conception into childhood using theories from renowned psychologists. This is coincided with training in essential infant caregiving skills, which are imperative to any teacher working with young children. This includes becoming certified in CPR, AED, and OSHA 10.

Next, we apply knowledge of how the child’s brain works to mainstream teaching techniques for children ages three to six. This encompasses an in-depth look at methods to boost readiness in reading, writing, and mathematics. Students will also do field work and internships in education programs at local elementary and preschools. This will give them direct exposure to the rewarding and fruitful work of preparing today’s youth for success in the later phases of education. Successful completion of this CTE will result in a ParaPro Certification to be a teacher assistant in Rhode Island.
BHS CTE Education Factsheet

Program Timeline

In addition to the suggested course timeline below, students must meet BHS’ graduation requirements:

Grade 9

Career Skills

1 credit

Grade 10

Principles of Childhood Growth and Development

1 credit

Grade 11

Principles of Teaching

1 credit

Grade 12

Field Experience/Seminar

1 credit

What You'll Learn

  • In Principles of Childhood Growth and Development you’ll learn about a child’s growth and needs during the first three years of life. You’ll also have the opportunity to work with preschoolers in our on-site Playschool program, which provides hands on experience working with young children.

  • In Principles of Teaching, you’ll plan, prepare and teach lessons and develop projects and activities for the children enrolled in the Playschool and investigate learning styles and curriculum development.

  • In Field Experience/Seminar, you’ll learn the standards of professionalism and instructional practice through required participation in internships and other authentic learning experiences.