Chromebook Initiative

This year, the Burrillville School Department is excited to issue our high school students with a new HP Chromebook!

Please see the following links for information on our 1:1 Chromebook initiative at Burrillville High School:

In order to enroll the device into the Worth Ave Group Insurance Plan, you will need your student's ID number.


Do I need Chromebook insurance?

We believe that insuring the Chromebook for the time your student is at the Burrillville High School is a great idea! The partnership with the Rhode Island Trust and the Worth Ave Group provides an unlimited number of zero-deductible claims for standard perils (fire, flood, vandalism), accidental damages (drops, spills, cracked screens), and theft.

How do I enroll a Chromebook into the insurance program?

You can insure the Chromebook at

What if I elect not to insure the Chromebook?

If you elect not to insure the Chromebook through the program, you will be responsible for reporting the damage through the Burrillville High School Administration. Your student will be issued a loaner while the Chromebook is repaired by our Technology Department, and you will be billed for the repairs.

For comparison, here's a list of common repair costs if done by our Technology Department:

    • Screen replacement - $40

    • Keyboard replacement - $60

    • Track-pad replacement - $30

    • Lost Chromebook charger - $40

    • Motherboard replacement - $200

As you can see, Worth Ave Group is a cost-effective way to insure against costly repairs.

What can we do to protect the Chromebook? Can I purchase a case?

We’ve put together a list of Chromebook usage guidelines that cover the basics on how to care for and protect the Chromebook. Beyond that, you can purchase a case or cover that fits an HP 11A G6 EE Chromebook for a number of local and online retailers.