Is there a tuition cost for students who are Burrillville residents, or out-of-district students?

No, there is no tuition cost to the individual family for an eligible student to attend the BHS CTE Pathway Programs.

Can I enroll in more than one CTE program at once?

Yes, students may enroll in as many CTE programs as they would like, so long as they are able to complete all graduation requirements within their schedules.

Can I transfer to BHS from another school outside of Burrillville?

Yes. Students from any school district in Rhode Island are encouraged to apply to become a BHS CTE pupil. See the requirements to apply here.

Is there a deadline to apply for CTE programs?

Please apply by May 1 to be considered for admission for the following academic year.

Is transportation provided for out-of-district students?

Transportation is provided for students in North Smithfield, Cumberland, and Woonsocket. Students from other districts must arrange their own transportation. In accordance with R.I. General Law, transportation to these programs will be provided by the sending districts in the Region 5 Transportation Zone (North Smithfield, Woonsocket, and Cumberland).

If I am an out-of-district student, can I participate in BHS clubs, sports, and activities?

Yes. Out-of-district students are eligible to participate in all BHS clubs, sports, and activities.

What happens if spots are full for out-of-district students?

In cases where the number of qualified out-of-district applicants exceeds available space, a lottery will be held to select among those students who meet the entrance criteria. The general admission criteria may be relaxed, or the specific criteria may be relaxed in a specific program if there are unfilled seats in the program and the high school provides appropriate support in literacy and mathematics consistent with the student’s personalized learning plan.

In cases where the number of students whose scores are below the general admission criteria exceeds the space available, a lottery shall be used to select from among those interested students who have completed the application process as outlined above. A program waiting list will be established for those students not selected.

Can I apply for a CTE program spot senior year?

Yes, students may apply for a spot in any CTE program senior year, so long as they have all the necessary qualifications and meet graduation requirements, and are able to fit all needed courses into their schedules.

What kind of certifications, degrees, or college credits can I obtain in BHS CTE programs?

Students in the Construction Management program can obtain the OSHA10 safety certification. Students in the Project Lead the Way Engineering program can earn college credits.

How do these programs differ from a non-CTE education at BHS?

These programs allow students to take all core high school classes and participate in all the same clubs, sports, and activities, while gaining first-hand knowledge in their areas of interest (construction, engineering, environmental science) and directly experiencing these careers through internships, working with industry partners, and a focused program of studies.