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The Burrillville School Department provides Google accounts to all students in grades 9 through 12! These accounts will be provided using the district’s G Suite system and must be used for educational purposes. The Google accounts will include access to Google Mail, Google Classroom, and Google Drive, providing students with 21st Century tools to utilize and support their learning.

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Use of the Burrillville student G Suite accounts is governed by the Acceptable Use Policy and expectations for student behavior outlined in the school handbook. Your Burrillville student G Suite account should be considered an extension of the physical school campus. Students who misuse their account will be subject to disciplinary action by the school administration. The Burrillville student G Suite accounts are the property of the Burrillville School Department and, as with other district technology systems, the use of the accounts should not be considered private. All messages sent and received by the Burrillville student G Suite accounts are archived for an extended period of time and can be retrieved by the district technology staff and reviewed by the school administration in the event that there is an incident of misuse.