Letter from the Athletic Director

BHS is proud to offer a variety of extracurricular activities for both boys and girls. Our goal is to provide as many opportunities as possible to ALL our students to participate in some capacity. We believe that Sports is an extension of the classroom that adds an important part to the overall education of our students.

The Athletic Handbook is available above or in the Main Office at the high school. All student-athletes along with their parents/guardians will be expected to read and review the handbook, which includes Policy and Procedures that all athletes and parents will have to follow. At the end of the Handbook is an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PAGE that will require the signature of the student-athlete and parent/guardian. This page, NOT the entire handbook, is to be submitted with the required registration forms, (also available above online or in the main office) PRIOR to receiving your athletic card.

The COACHES HANDBOOK is also available online or in the main office. Coaches and volunteers filing an application to coach, or volunteer, will be expected to read the handbook and submit with your application (also available above) the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PAGE.

Applications received without the signed Acknowledgement page, will not be accepted.

Please visit the following websites for more information:

The RI Interscholastic League at: www.riil.org, and the RI Injury Fund at: www.injuryfund.org.

If you need to purchase school insurance, the link to the website is: https://www.isi1959.com/Products-Services/Student-Accident-Insurance.aspx. No athletic card can be issued until insurance has been verified.

We “THANK” the residents of Burrillville for their unparalleled support of our programs.


John Abbate

Athletic Director

Burrillville High School