Clubs & Organizations

Burrillville High School is proud to offer many different types of activities for our students, Students are strongly encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities, as they provide students with valuable learning experiences beyond the school day.

BHS Clubs and Organizations, Advisor(s), Meeting Information

  • Anime Club - Mrs. Kennelly (D03) on Fridays
  • Art Club - Mrs. Richardson (E06) on Wednesdays
  • Band/Select Choir/Wind Ensemble (BHS classes) see Mrs. Favali (Band Room)
  • Blood Drive Committee see Mrs. Cucca (Nurse’s Office) for more information
  • Chess Club - Mr. Daigneault (A17) on Wednesdays
  • Class Officers:
    • Freshmen Class Advisors - Mrs. Crenca & Mrs. Staples
    • Sophomore Class Advisors - Mrs. Abbate & Mrs. Tupper (Guidance)
    • Junior Class Advisors - Ms. Chevrette (B07) & Ms. White (A23)
    • Senior Class Advisors - Mrs. Scheutz (Gym) & Ms. Taylor (A07)
  • Creative Story Society Mrs. Ricci (B15) on Tuesdays
  • Community Service Club see Mrs. Forrest (A21) for community service opportunities
  • Debate Club - Mr. Goudreau (B21) on Mondays
  • DECA - Mrs. Tupper (Guidance) every other Thursday
  • Drama Club - Mrs. Blissmer (B12) & Ms. Fleming (B19) every other Thursday
  • Feinstein Club - Mrs. Beard (B06) on Tuesdays
  • Fishing Club
  • International Club see Mr. Limoges (E05) meeting days vary

BHS Clubs and Organizations, Advisor(s), Meeting Information

  • Math League - Mr. Horne (A03) & Mr. McNulty (A10) on Wednesdays
  • Newcomers Program see Mrs. McLinden (next to B09) or Ms. Rogers (B17)
  • National Honor Society see Mrs. Craig (A­20)
  • Panacea League (PBIS) / Mock Trial - Mrs. Demarco (B16) on Tuesdays
  • Peer Mentoring at BMS (juniors & seniors only) see Ms. Crandall (B18) for more information
  • Physical Education Club
  • Robotics Team (also a Robotics BHS Class) see Mr. Aldrich (C08/Studio) for more information
  • Students Against Destructive Decsions (SADD) - Mrs. McLinden & Ms. Carlton (next to B09) mtg days vary
  • Science Olympiad - Mr. Leach (A08) & Mrs. Taylor (A07) every other Thursday
  • Spring Play see Mrs. Blissmer (B12) & Ms. Fleming (B19) day TBT Student Council Mr. McNulty (A10) on Tuesdays
  • Technology Club Mr. Aldrich (C08/Studio) every other Thursday
  • Weightlifting Club (fall and spring) Ms. Demasco (gym) Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse (VAASA) see Mrs. McLinden (next to B09) for more information
  • Yearbook (BHS class) see Ms. Chevrette (B7) or Mrs. Bruscini (MCtr.)

There is a late bus after school on Tues, Wed., & Thursdays. It picks students up at 2:45 in front of BHS (main office area)­­­ After School Programs ​(no sign­ups necessary; drop­in when you can, but check w/ teachers first to make sure they are happening) ● BELLA​– after school tutoring, available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays in the Media Center; also on Saturdays 8­11 o Schedule of teachers posted weekly; note on most Thursdays Mr. Goodwin is there specifically for dig port help ● Basketball​(when there is interest) – after school on some Thursdays in one of the gyms; various teachers participate o See Officer Beauchemin or Mr. Daigneault with any questions ● Flag Football​(spring only)– after school on Wednesdays in the spring on football field; various teachers participate o See Mr. Goodwin, Mr. Kropman, or Mr. Randall with any questions ● Skate Night​– every Friday night (typically 9­11pm) from September through April at Levy Rink BHS Athletics See the Athletic Director (Mr. Abbate) if you have any questions or would like more information about a particular sport. (His office is next to the nurse’s office, in the alcove area near rooms D03 and D04) Fall – ● Cheerleading ● Cross Country ● Field Hockey ● Football Prepared by Student Services Team, Last updated 9/30/2014 ● Soccer ● (Girls’) Volleyball ● Unified Volleyball Winter – ● Basketball ● Cheerleading ● Hockey ● Wrestling Spring – ● Baseball ● Unified Basketball ● Golf ● Lacrosse (with N.S.) ● Outdoor Track ● Softball ● Tennis BHS RESOURCES If you are having problems or you are concerned about someone else, who should you turn to? There are many trusting adults here at BHS who can help, and if they cannot help you directly, they will find someone who can. It is important to make connections with peers and adults, especially in high school! Here are some suggestions of adults at BHS that you can go to if you need someone to talk to: ● Your advisor ● Any one of your classroom teachers ● Your guidance counselor (Mrs. Abbate, Mr. Berthelette, Mrs. Tupper) ● An administrator (Ms. Johnston, Mrs. McKeon, Dr. Whaley) ● The school nurse (Mrs. Cucca) ● The school psychologist (Mrs. Pristawa, B17) ● The school social worker (Ms. Crandall, B18) ● The student assistance counselor (Mrs. McLinden, Student Assistance office in B­wing next to B09) Prepared by Student Services Team, Last updated 9/30/20