Burrillville High School

Burrillville, located in the northwestern corner of the state of Rhode Island, was incorporated in 1806. The population of the town in 2010, according to the Census Bureau figures, was approximately 15,955. The high school currently enrolls approximately 775 students with a staff of about 100 certified and non certified members. .

The students of Burrillville have access to diverse range of educational programs and services that include honors, AP, CTE and supports to meet the individuals needs and goals of all students. Our comprehensive program is designed that students are afforded the opportunity and access to programs focusing on the BHS learner expectations, national and state standards and applied learning skills.

Burrillville High School is located in the village of Harrisville. It is located within two miles of town government offices, the police station, and a local fire department that provides ambulance services.

BHS offers an extensive array of clubs and athletic teams from which students can participate. Currently BHS offers students the opportunity to participate in 37 clubs or activities and 27 interscholastic athletic teams as part of the Rhode Island Interscholastic League. Additionally students students have access to 9 pathway programs which offer students opportunity to pursue work based learning, post secondary credit, internships or industry based credentials.