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Community Service Club

The BHS Community service club volunteers at local churches, schools and businesses to help out in both short and long term projects.  In the past we have done some work with local churches on different projects, such as the food closet and the giving tree.  We have also worked with the PTF at A.T. Levy and Callahan having students volunteer to baby-sit at PTF meetings and help out at the holiday events.  We have also worked with local agencies on community events.

The students will be encouraged to become active community members working to improve the lives of others.  It will help instill their qualities of compassion and empathy and improve their civic awareness.  Participation in this club will also help the students fulfill their Digital Portfolio Expectation 3.3.



Thank you,

Catherine Forrest   


Michael Whaley, Principal
whaleym [at] bsd-ri [dot] net

David Alba, Assistant Principal

albad [at] bsd-ri [dot] net

Mitchell Cournoyer, Assistant Principal
cournoyerm [at] bsd-ri [dot] net

School Hours

7:30am to 1:52pm 

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